Are fizzy laces vegan?

Are fizzy cola laces vegan?

Each 75gram pack is suitable for vegetarians and vegan as far as I can tell. Per 25gram serving is 95kcal. Free from artificial colours and flavours.

Can vegans eat strawberry laces?

Strawberry Laces – our yummy namesake! These delicious Strawberry Laces, or Bootlaces, are gelatine free so suitable for Vegetarians!

Are fizzy strawberry laces halal?

100% Halal certified.

Are fizzy laces vegetarian?

With a great fruity, non-sour taste, these fruity licorice laces, are a traditional favourite. Our Bebeto Fizzy Blue Raspberry Laces, don’t contain any form of animal product, are Vegetarian Society vegan approved and made in our 100% Halal factory. Made with real fruit juice.

Are blue and pink bottles vegetarian?

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles are a sweet that we’ve found to be hugely popular, especially with teenagers. These sweets are pink and blue in colour and come in the shape of a traditional bottle of pop, they have an amazing bubblegum flavour with a fizzy sugar coating. These Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles are suitable for Vegans.

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