Best answer: Does Culver’s have dairy free options?

Does Culver’s have non dairy ice cream?

While you may not be able to order any custard-based desserts, Culver’s does offer Lemon Ice, a refreshing non-dairy dessert option which will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Is Culver’s custard dairy-free?

They’re known for “Butterburgers” and frozen custard. But Culver’s does have a handful of dairy-free meals, and they can actually make your “Butterburger” sans butter! In fact, most of their savory menu items can be ordered without dairy.

Does Culvers ice cream have dairy?

Fresh Frozen Custard

We only use real dairy from American family farms, with relationships that go back over 30 years. We slow-turn our Frozen Custard in small batches all day long. That’s why any time you stop in you know you’re getting the freshest Frozen Custard possible, when it’s at its very best.

Does Culver’s have vegan ice cream?

Although none of the frozen custard at Culver’s is vegan, you can check for Lemon Ice, which is typically dairy- and egg-free. … You can add any of the vegan toppings below to your Lemon Ice, including fruit, nuts, or cookie crumbs.

Does lemon ice have dairy?

Bright and fresh, it’s the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. Order your Lemon Ice with your favorite fruit topping: strawberry, mango, blackberry, blueberry, red raspberry or strawberry-mango. Those with special dietary restrictions like lactose intolerance can also enjoy it since it’s dairy-free.

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Is Culver’s Custard OK for dogs?


Known for their fresh custard, Culver’s offers dog biscuits. If you drive thru specific locations, you can ask them for a little extra treat. Their milk bone will come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but make sure to enjoy it in moderation.

Is Culvers ice cream real?

really! Our frozen custard is special because it’s made fresh: slow-churned, right in the restaurant, in small batches. … Custard is made from a combination of milk, cream and pasteurized egg yolks, and in order to be true custard, it has to be at least 1.4 percent egg. Anything less than that, and it’s just ice cream.