Does Morrisons do vegan cakes?

Does Morrisons have a vegan section?

Morrisons supermarket has just launched a new line of vegan meat alternatives including plant-based bacon and steak. UK supermarket Morrisons is leading the way when it comes to vegan products having released a number of first-to-market plant-based products such as vegan ‘pork’ pies and mozzarella sticks.

Do Morrisons sell vegan ice cream?

Morrisons Vegan Salted Caramel Swirl Ice Cream | Morrisons.

Is Morrisons apple pie vegan?

The Morrisons Bramley Apple Pies

These vegan cakes were delicious. They have a generous amount of filling, which makes them nice and moist. I don’t like apple filling to be too chunky, I like the sweet puree stuff more. These were great because they had little chunks and lots of sweet puree – just right.

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