Frequent question: Are made good products dairy free?

Does MadeGood have dairy?

Our Chocolate Chip minis, are delicious with just the right balance of vegan chocolate chips to gluten-free oats. Plus, they’re dairy free too, so everyone can enjoy.

Are MadeGood granola bars dairy free?

Just like their predecessors, MadeGood Chocolate Drizzled Granola Bars are organic, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soyfree, and infused with the nutrients of six different fruits and vegetables. But these come in celebratory flavors that are both dipped and drizzled in dairy-free chocolate.

Is made good wheat free?

MadeGood® Granola Minis are manufactured in a dedicated facility free from the following 8 common allergens: peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, egg, sesame, fish & shellfish. They are organic, gluten free and contain the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables from six different sources.

Are made good foods healthy?

MadeGood® is dedicated to providing healthy snacks that are rich in nutrients, allergen friendly and minimally processed. … MadeGood is made in a Zero Waste certified facility. MadeGood® is a good choice for your health, your family’s health and the planet’s health.

Is made good cereal vegan?

It’s a bowl of happiness. Whole grain crispy brown rice sweetened with cane sugar and vanilla. Tastes you love now vegan and gluten-free.

Are made good granola minis healthy?

Made Good Foods Granola Bars and Minis are a healthy snack kids and adults will love! These snacks are made in a dedicated gluten free facility and are top 8 free and school-safe!

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Are all MadeGood products kosher?

Made Good Organic Granola Minis – Variety Pack of 4 Flavors –Tree-Nut and Peanut-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher (4 Portion Packs Per Flavor)