Is dolmio creamy lasagne sauce suitable for vegetarians?

Is dolmio white creamy sauce halal?

Innocent looking enough. However,if you carefully check the label,it contains white wine as an actual ingredient (not to be confused with white wine vinegar). It is therefore halal. …

Is dolmio Stir in sauce vegan?

This is a ready to use culinary sauce, use with or without protein. Pour over or stir fry, marinade or brush on, use as a dip or topping, use in a sandwich or as a savoury filling.

Product Information.

Suitable for a Vegetarian Diet Yes
Suitable for Coeliacs Yes
Approved for a Halal Diet No
Approved for a Kosher Diet Yes

Why is dolmio white sauce not suitable for vegetarians?

Hi Afia, due to the way we extract our milk proteins for the sauce we cannot name this product as suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Can you use dolmio tomato lasagne sauce for pasta?

Oven cook (From Ambient) – Brown about 250g mince and add a jar of DOLMIO® 500g Tomato Lasagne Sauce. Place a layer in an ovenproof dish and cover with layer of Lasagne pasta, then a layer of DOLMIO® Creamy Lasagne Sauce.

Is dolmio white sauce gluten free?

The Answer is: YES*

Where is dolmio sauce from?

Dolmio is the brand name of a range of pasta sauces made by Mars, Incorporated. The range includes jars of sauces and ready-meal style packets and stir-ins.


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Dolmio Logo
Product type Red and White Pasta Sauce, and lasagne Sauce, pesto sauce
Country Australia, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Introduced 1985

Is dolmio onion and garlic bolognese sauce vegan?

Dolmio Bolognese pasta sauce is the No1 Bolognese in the UK! This sauce has onion and garlic so more flavour. … Nutritious with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This bolognese pasta sauce is suitable for vegetarians.