Is Romesh Ranganathan vegan?

How long was Romesh Ranganathan a math teacher?

It’s a nightmare he thought was over last July, and a regression of sorts, back to the nine years he spent as a maths teacher during the 2000s.

Is Romesh Ranganathan married?

Who is Romesh wife?

Did Romesh really lose his wedding ring?

“Because in the first series, Romesh (Ranganathan) gave away his wedding ring and his car. Whereas now, some people treat it as a way of offloading fridges that don’t work, and getting rid of stuff they don’t want around the house. … So, yeah, it’s different every single series. But Romesh probably sacrificed the most.

What happened to Romesh eye?

He suffers from a right-sided ptosis, which caused lazy eye as a child.

Did Romesh used to be a teacher?

Since quitting his career as a maths teacher seven years ago, Romesh Ranganathan has gone onto make a real name for himself. The last few years have been incredible for Romesh with two series of his BAFTA and RTS Nominated series Asian Provocateur receiving critical acclaim.

Who is Ramesh Ranganathan married to?

Who is Jon Richardson wife?

Are Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan friends?

One reason Rob and Romesh Vs works, they explained, was because their friendship was genuine: “It resulted in the show rather than the other way round,” says Beckett. He added: “I like to think that we’re such good friends that we’ve never been competitive. We’re never competing for the same job.”

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