Is the worlds strongest man vegan?

Is Thor Bjornsson vegan?

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the former World’s Strongest Man and Iceland’s strongest man for 9 consecutive years, may soon also become the world’s strongest and largest vegan. “I might as well give it a try for a week on my offseason,” Thor wrote on one of Greene’s posts. “I’m always willing to give everything a chance!

What juice does Eddie Hall drink?

Ahead of his 11 a.m. physio appointment, he finds time to cram in another snack, comprising 150 grams of cashew nuts and 1 liter of cranberry juice, all of which amounts to another 760 calories.

Is Ilya Ilyin vegan?

Ilya Ilyin is an Olympic weightlifter from Kazakhstan. He has won four world championships and has been a vegetarian since 2012.

Is Jackie Chan vegan?

Jackie Chan is not vegan. While it has been rumored that he was a vegetarian in the past, and he does eat meat less than he eats other foods, he does not eat a fully plant-based diet.

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