Are refried beans at Mexican restaurants vegan?

Do Mexican restaurants use lard in refried beans?

At Mexican restaurants, a side order of refried beans is usually a healthy choice. Left alone, fried pinto beans would be a healthy high-fiber dish. However, many restaurants “flavor” their beans with lard, cheese, or bacon.

Are Mexican restaurant refried beans vegan?

Rice is often boiled in chicken stock. And guacamole may contain sour cream—not because sour cream improves the flavor, but because it’s cheaper than avocado. … The beans (both whole and refried), rice, guacamole, salsa, and tortillas at these chains are all vegan.

What Can Vegans eat at a Mexican restaurant?

Here are all the best vegan things to order at a Mexican restaurant.

  1. Tamales. PIN IT. …
  2. Nopales. Nopales is a catch-all term for dishes made with cacti. …
  3. Chips w/ Guacamole or Salsa. PIN IT. …
  4. Tacos. PIN IT. …
  5. Fajitas. …
  6. Black bean soup. …
  7. Molletes. …
  8. Churros.

Are all refried beans made with lard?

L-A-R-D. … Specifically, “Partially Hydrogenated Lard.” What’s odd is, when you used to look at the Old El Paso website and read the ingredients for their refried beans, there was absolutely no mention of lard.

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Is there pork in refried beans?

However, many traditional Mexican restaurants have a secret: Their refried beans are made with lard (pork fat).

Does Taco Bell refried beans have pork?

On the positive side, Taco Bell’s refried beans are completely vegan and a staple of the dedicated vegetarian menu Taco Bell rolled out in 2019. And, the ingredients list is relatively short and sweet, including pinto beans, soybean oil, and seasonings.

Why are refried beans not vegan?

Aren’t All Refried Beans Vegan? Nope! Be really careful when buying premade canned refried beans or ordering them at a restaurant, because refried beans often contain lard. Not only are they not vegan, they’re not even vegetarian!

Are there vegan tortillas?

A large majority of tortillas are vegan!

Vegetarians and vegans alike can enjoy vegan tortilla brands of corn and wheat flour tortillas made from plant-based products. The key is always to check the nutrition labels of a product if you’re unsure.

What is the difference between regular refried beans and vegetarian refried beans?

What’s the difference between vegetarian beans and regular beans? Vegetarian beans are beans that are made without the addition of meat or meat flavorings. Regular non-vegetarian beans are often made with salty pork, lard, and beef or chicken broth. Look for premade beans labeled as Vegetarian.

Is lard in refried beans bad for you?

Refried beans made with lard contain saturated fat. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends reducing your saturated fat intake to less than 10% of your daily calorie intake to reduce your risk of heart disease ( 26 ).

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Are refried beans at restaurants vegetarian?

Beans. Sometimes refried beans are prepared with lard or meat. If you can confirm that the refried beans are vegetarian, the menu is now your vegan oyster. Swap out the meat for beans of a burrito, tacos, or torta, hold the cheese, and you’ve got yourself a vegan meal.