Best answer: Why are WoodWick Candles not vegan?

Are wooden wicks vegan?

A wooden wick is the perfect addition to any natural looking candle and is Vegan friendly, cruelty free and delivers a classic yet stylish finish.

Is WoodWick cruelty free?

100% of The Wooden Wick Co. fragrances are phthalate-free, vegan and, along with all of our products, are cruelty-free since day one.

Are dusk soy candles vegan?

All our products are 100% vegan friendly and are free from animal by-products.

How do you secure a wooden wick?


  1. Push your wick into the Wick Clip.
  2. Place a Wick Sticker or glue dot onto the bottom of the Wick Clip.
  3. Secure the Wick Clip to the bottom center of your vessel.
  4. Ta-dah! Done!

Are WoodWick Candles bad for you?

WoodWick Candles are safe to burn, but as with any candle, there are some best practices when dealing with an open flame to not only ensure a clean burn of your candle but also to ensure the safety of your home.

Do vegans burn candles?

Simply, most candles are not vegan. Often candles use Stearic Acid or Beeswax in order to harden the candle and improve the scent throw. Vegan Candles will be made from Soy, Coconut or Rapeseed Wax or a blend of those natural vegetable waxes.

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Are wooden wicks toxic?

Wood Wicks

Provide even wax burning (no unusable wax rings on the sides of jars!) Cater to any decor. Sourced from sustainable forests. Never emit harmful toxins.

Why is my WoodWick candle smoking?

The candle may smoke due to exposure flows of air or because the wick is too long. … For instance, a medium WoodWick candle should be allowed to burn for 3 to 4 hours per use. This will help ensure the wick does not become too long, which can cause it to start emitting smoke.

Is soy wax vegan and cruelty free?

Are Soy Candles Vegan? Yes. The wax is completely natural. If synthetic fragrances are used they are guaranteed cruelty free and will never contain any animal byproducts.

Are dusk candles made in China?

We have been using partners in China for several years as we ensured the quality our Customers are used to is able to be 100% reproduced, wherever our candles are made. A lot of work has gone into ensuring our high quality natural Waxes and pure cotton Wicks are used with our specially sourced European Fragrances.

Are soy candles toxic?

Are Soy Candles Toxic? Made from soybeans, some soy candles do have some other ingredients. … To keep things natural, look for soy candles that use fragrances and dyes without phthalates. The wicks of soy candles are also safe to burn – made from natural hemp or cotton, they contain no lead, making them non-toxic.

Does dusk use soy wax?

dusk’s Soy Collection has been expertly created using a premium soy wax blend, high quality fragrant oils and lead-free cotton wicks for a cool clean burn and exceptional scent throw.

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